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Wisconsin- Often thought of a place filled with cheese and/or lakes, studies have shown Wisconsin doesn't exist. It is actually somewhat akin to unicorns, Canada, and Republicans.
"I was born in Wisconsin."
"Haha, dude I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know Wisconsin doesn't exist. Just like Canada. And Republicans."
by regretsareawaste April 22, 2008
22 47
A state in the midwest. The only state left that offers fine dining in a gas station. A safe place for the elderly and blind to drive. Townies rarely drive faster than 35 mph because they are trying to finish their beer without spilling. Wisconsin is also known to have a hate/hate relationship with both MN and IL. However, MN and IL bond over a common dislike of Wisconsin. Most visitors really enjoy the exits on both the right and left sides of the high way. In a recent poll, 99.9% of out-of- town drivers really love switiching lanes in a panic. People generally like Wisconsin as long as they're not driving.
"Illinois really wants to high five Wisconsin, but they're worried that Wisconsin didn't wash their hands after using the bathroom."
by Thalheimer July 18, 2006
41 88
1. A state full of cheese, farms, beer, and football fans.

2. A state full of people who are always trying to prove they are better than every other state, especially Illinois and Minnesota (I'm not saying we are better, we're just trying to convince everyone we are. I don't want to start any fights with this statement.)
1. Yes, we do have more types of cheese than people in Wisconsin.

2. Wisconsinite: So, where are you from?
Visitor: <insert state here>
Wisconsinite: Oh, that's sad. You want some cheese? Cheese solves all problems. By the way, did you catch the last Packers game?
by Sarah91 May 30, 2005
46 93
state. no duh. wisconsin could b the coldest state in the country. ive never lived in any other state though so who knows. we have exactly no raelly famous people and i can only think of 2 shows set here, that 70s show and of couse comedy gold mine step by step. to sum it up do ur offspring a favor and DONT MOVE HERE.(more beer for me)
-it was cold. not just cold, but wisconsin cold!
by rainbow_colored_bangles March 24, 2005
33 84
where people from minnesota flee to when everyone in minnesota hates them
whatever happened to that asshole ted? oh he moved to wisconsin.
by vloky April 14, 2004
106 166
A Province within the United States of a America
I ate cheese in wisconsin
by David November 07, 2003
27 90
the 3rd coldest state but it just seems colder because all the fat people wear tight shirts. if you live here you're either smart or fat or both. It's the best state to raise children but you just have to pray to god that they won't live there for the rest of their life. it's famous for it's beer, cows, and Brett Favre. that 70's show takes place in wisconsin.
wisconsin is the home of the worlds largest six pack.
wisconsin is one of the most boring states.
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
31 95
One of three states (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota) that have absolute hicks there. The hicks never a) leave the state b) think they're in "God's Country" c) look down on every other state in the union d) act as if their state is the only state that matters e) think they're hot shit and f) are just plain morons.

Apparently they're also all really poor and don't use credit cards, they only use cash. They suck at financial matters.

They also go up to "the lake" a lot on weekends and get indignant when you've never heard of whatever lake they're talking about.
Q: Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
A: No, why would I leave Wisconsin? I've got everything I need right here. This is God's country.

Q: Have you ever heard of Branson, MO? It's the second most visited tourist spot in the U.S. besides Vegas.
A: And Wisconsin.
Q: No, Wisconsin didn't make the list, but Vegas did, and Branson is the premiere tourist spot for families -
A: And Wisconsin.
Q: Whatever.

Q: When was the last time you went on a vacation and saw something new?
A: My parents and I went on a trip around the state and saw everything that Wisconsin had. It was so fun!

Q: What are you doing this weekend?
A: I'm going up to the lake!
Q: Oh, cool. What lake?
A: Lake _____ (something that ends in an "e" sound)
Q: Yeah, never heard of it.
A: OHHH! You've never heard of LAKE _____ (something that ends in an "e" sound)??!! Where have you been? Everyone knows Lake ____ (something that ends in an "e" sound)!!

Q: When was the last time you went and did something really exciting? Do you want to visit new places?
A: Nope, I go up to the lake and I have a cabin there and that's good enough for me. We go up there every weekend and that's what we like and we don't need nothin' else.

Q: Do you have a credit card?
A: Nope! We only use cash! No credit cards! Can I send you a money order?

by nba_kid_2000 December 25, 2008
22 87