Wisconsin- Often thought of a place filled with cheese and/or lakes, studies have shown Wisconsin doesn't exist. It is actually somewhat akin to unicorns, Canada, and Republicans.
"I was born in Wisconsin."
"Haha, dude I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I know Wisconsin doesn't exist. Just like Canada. And Republicans."
by regretsareawaste April 22, 2008
Also Minnesota Junior
Billy: Hey Dad can we go to the Dells?
Dad: Sure Billy Minnesota Junior is nice during the summer!
by Bill January 05, 2005
1. worst state in the US

2. an act of rubbing and scratching your partner's clit with your bigger toe and nail durring sexual activity
I just accidentaly did a wisconsin to myself
by lolrwnclown January 09, 2005
A state who's residents couldn't drive right if their life depended on it. Wisconsinites can't drive worth shit. Ilinois drivers are the best! Wisconsin drivers are overly cautious to the point where they cause accidents. You have to be aggressive like Chicago drivers.
"That idiot acts like he doesn't understand the concept of a 4-way stop." "He must be from Wisconsin." "Well, I'll be damned, he has a Wisconsin license plate." "That dickhead!"

"Chicago drivers Rock!"
by Britt March 19, 2005
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