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T-Pain could put you in a mansion somewhere here.

Only the coolest place for a mansion.
"I could put you in a mansion.. somewhere in Wiscansin"

"You should check out my mansion in Wiscansin!"
by DVeck89 December 06, 2009
the way idiots think people from wisonsin sound whenever they talk, dontcha know.
drink your damn beer and be happy your in wiscansin.
by dlajf February 08, 2008
1.Retard for "Wisconsin". Usually seen in southern slang.

2.Another one of hip-hop's numerous attempts to destroy the English language; see T-pain and Soulja Boi
Danny: "Dude, did that guy just say 'WisCANsin'?"

Art: "Of course he did, the retard's from the south."

Danny: "Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Fuck the south."
by Eye09 December 07, 2008
People from wisconsin like me who say Tyme machine and bubbler
I like in Mad-town, wiscansin (I live in madison, wisconsin)
Where is brew city? In wiscansin (where is milwaukee? in wisconsin)
by SMSenior05 March 28, 2005
The way people in Wisconsin pronounce the name of their state.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003

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