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A man in excellent physical condition that has very little athleticism.
That guy is so strong but he's such a winsor on the soccer field.
by lsutigersforlife February 17, 2009
A computer-lovong freak;obsessed with Nirvana
Winsor is my Nirvana homie.
by Aliensniper101 May 19, 2003
A likeness in appearance and personality to that of Vicious from Cowboy Bebop
I was walking into the Arena when I was suddenly stabbed in the eye by a winsor
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
A school full of ugly communist imbeciles with inflated egos that assume dominance over everyone else, especially men. The act superior to their brother school, Belmont Hill, when in fact almost everything they do, from athletics to extracurriculars to academics, on average, is inferior. Definitely the crappiest school in the league full of arogant, crappy women that contribute nothing to our society. Dana Hall and NCDS have far superior character among the student body.
Fucking Winsor, bunch of communist morons.
by Bigboiiiiii November 25, 2013
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