bits of shit that stick to your ass if you're a dirty bastard that doesnt wipe properly.
haha he's got winnits
by ass February 09, 2003
Top Definition
Winnit or Winnet, Noun.
A small piece of turd that sticks to your arse hair. As mentioned in Viz.
The same as a cling on, tag nut, dangle berry.
1. It was a stubborn winnit and pulled the hair out.
2. The winnit has hold of a clump of hair so I had to cut it off.
by ProfessorWheeto November 01, 2006
Poo hangin from an unclean bum caught up in matted arse hair
i picked a whole bunch of Winnits from me bum the other day in the shower
by b1nn7 August 28, 2006
Tiny balls of pooey toilet paper which attach themselves to the hair's in a man's/woman's ass crack. Otherwise known as "cling-ons" or "poo balls".
Man: I want you to rim my ass baby.
Woman: Ok, bend over baby
Woman: Awww man, you could've at least wiped your ass properly - I can see winnits in your crack!!
Man: So I guess that means no rimming for me!?
by Jim July 19, 2004
A tiny particle of faeces that sticks to the hairs on your anus, causing a small amount of pain when removed.

Usually occurs when the anus is not cleaned correctly after excretion.
Oh my God, look at the size of that winnit. IT's HUGE!

Owwwww!!! It hurt so much removing that winnit!
by Dayjw November 12, 2008
dark, dried, un-wiped faeces attached to the outside of the anal area/on the anal hair.
"John, you seriously smell bad"
"Sorry, there wasn't enough toilet paper left; i got Winnits".
"What's that??"
"Basically, i have Dried Bum Crumbs".
by DannyCoonfishH October 19, 2010
The dry, flaky or crispy/crunchy pieces of excrement around the anus
Hi how are you? do you want to pick my winnits?
by jamesinoz November 04, 2007
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