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A girl with a lack of hair growing on all appendeges. she has black teeth. & cancer in 27 parts of her body. her hope is to one day have an erection with the spare, abnormally large penis that grew next in between her vaj & asshole
YO DUDE!?!?!?!? DID YOU SEE THAT WINNICK!!! Her extra penis was dangeling thru her shorts!!!!!
by Deathwatcher May 25, 2008
A turd that escapes down the bowl without breaking or being disturbed in any way.
I flushed and watched as the Winnick swirled away, completely unblemished and unruffled, oblivious to the toilet water surounding it.
by K. Thompson July 10, 2003
1. A lump or chunk of undisturbed feces.
2. An roguish person that gets away with his unprincipled behavior scot-free.
This particular winnick had squandered billions of dollars yet told tales of great philanthropy.
by K. Thompson July 11, 2003
I just took a big Winnick
by Chosney July 09, 2003
To take food, a seat, etc, away from another in a way that does not anger the other person.
To get away with stealing something small.
Or big.
A:Hey, man, she just totally winnicked your bagel.
B:Yeah . . . but she's hot.
by Shookmilk March 23, 2004

A complete anus turtle
I didnt even have to wipe my arse after the winnick was deployed!
by Stylee September 26, 2003