The wisest person to ever live on the face of this earth (other than God Jesus and King Solomon ;)
Winnerpeg is the source for all wisdom (if you're too lazy to go to the Bible).
by prophet Myrrdin Emrys February 15, 2005
Top Definition
A mentally retarded or crazy person, especially one given to making wild religious claims and/or demonstrating sexual depravity.
The guy in the back pew at my church is a real winnerpeg. He touched Timmy on his pee-pee in Sunday School.
by Spyder130 August 26, 2005
Canadian, religious nutjob. Generally considered to be a pedophile, with a diaper fetish.
Winnerpeg was spotted wearing a diaper outside of the pre-school, spouting scripture.
by zootmoney February 15, 2005
Lonely, insecure, delusional loser who calls himself a saint and sucks his own tiny cock.
That winnerpeg does nothing but eat spam, suck his own cock, and sneak into people's offices late at night.
by Trevor Jeremiah Friesen March 23, 2006
Canadian slang for mentally retarded, dirt-poor virgin over the age of 30. Typically distinguished by receding hairline, dead-end job (ie telemarketing), and hatred and fear of females. Winnerpegs are known to be driven to psychotic religious fanaticism as a form of escapism from their sorry lot in life. Favorite winnerpeg hobbies include autofellatio and trolling kiddy fun parks.
This winnerpeg needs to get a life. He sneaks into his workplace in the wee hours of the morning to use the computer and suck his own tiny, shriveled dick.
by Jesus_Is_God March 18, 2006
v. tr. Claiming victory in undeniable defeat. Refusal to acknowledge overwhelming evidence when it differs from a preconceived idiocy.
I can't believe George Bush winnerpegged the 2000 election.
by gregos March 06, 2006
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