a person or thing that wins; victor.
William John David Julius is not a winner, he is the definition of a loser.
by sara toompson March 31, 2013
The annoying little ads that flash at you and wont go AWAY!!

(also they are lies... lies I tell you)
If this banner is flashing, you're a WINNER! click here to claim you prize
by NIK January 19, 2004
(noun) a sexual partner whom upon completeing the sexual act known as Fellatio, or more commonly, a blow job, proceeds to swallow the ejaculating semen instead of spitting it out.
Last night I found a winner, so hot man, so hot.
by d-swzzl November 19, 2010
the best netball team to ever walk the planet. slightly arrogant, but for just cause. winners never shrink in the face of adversity. no matter what, they will win. gold medals are not uncommon, nor are winning game scores such as 83-3. their defensive end doesn't see much action, but thats ok.. because they are winners. they are winners both on and off the court... (as they are SL.UTS)
the UTS mixed one netball team are such winners
by in your face !!!! July 10, 2010
A phrase used to exaggerate excitement or happiness when something goes your way.
"It's my birthday next week. Winner!!"
by Kenworth Crowlsnd March 27, 2009
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