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a person who winks a lot, mainly on message boards or in im conversations.
isak is a winker. ;)
by jimbob jones August 12, 2003
2 19
ones anus or arsehole
He bent over and all I could see was his winker.
by SKiB May 14, 2005
46 26
1)In porn movies, an asshole (anus) that can contract and expand after anal sex, digital or mechanical insertion. "Forcing semen out of the asshole after an internal anal ejaculation are what winkers do best."

winker, winky, butt fart, cumfart, ass jizz.
by captfreak September 12, 2007
33 23
When you take a dump and the tail of the turd sticks out and winks at you
I took a dump,I had a winker
by shoemannnn July 09, 2009
18 16
The pully strings on a sweatshirt
His winkers are long!
by Ha ha thats what she said 101 March 05, 2011
2 1
An attribute displayed by a psychotic individual, who, depsite immediate appearances, has no game. The winking cannot be controlled, and becomes a trademark for the individual. With enough time spent conversing with a Winker, their manipulative, lying, and psychotic habits become crystal clear, and begin to creep you out.
(insert name here) told me he was in love with me, and THAAAAT's why he was acting so crazy and OCD-ish. What a winker!
by the prettiest tornado November 06, 2010
7 6
a cats butt
That cat is licking his winker!
by Mickey M. Ouse June 28, 2011
3 5
a blinking star, or blinker, that only changes color once as if it was winking at you.
That shooting star just passed right by that winker.
by im-on-a-boat February 12, 2010
2 7