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Similar to Wapanese, but this person thinks he or she is Chinese.

Symptons are:

1. Storing weapons in your closet, owning a sword, and/or taking martial arts classes

2. Playing Dynasty Warrios WAY too much

3. Wearing shirts with random Chinese symbols

4. Can be dangerous when they think they know what they're doing with the weapons
That winese almost smacked me with his comas!
by Andy August 28, 2004

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The Winese may also express interest in Japanese culture similar to the way the Wapanese do. They claim to know how to use chopsticks and deny that sushi is horrible in taste. They also will correct your pronounciation of Chinese names and/or things, although their pronounciation changes every time.
Winese: "It's pronouned Lu-eo Bay."

Innocent Person: "Lu-eo Bay?"

Winese: "No, Lew-a-ho Bwey."
by Andy August 30, 2004