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Found in the song "Drink'n wine spodee-o-dee" by R&B artist Stick McGhee, and later coverd by Jerry Lee Lewis. A wine spodiodie (also spelled Spodiodi) is a shot that has a layer of Port Wine on the bottom, then a layer of (cheap) bourbon, finished on the top by another layer of Port. It can also be made simpler by just combining port and bourbon in a glass. Some people also call jungle juice Spodi. The film rolling Kansas has actor Rip Torn carrying a skin of Wine Spodiodie, defined in that film as fox urine and flat beer.
Give me a wine spodiodie
by Kell from Cali May 30, 2006
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a woodey blend of fox urine and flat beer
"You boy's want some wine spodiodie?" -Rolling Kansas, 2004
by baked.baked December 22, 2005
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