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== The Legend ==
The Andrew Miller(Windy for short) has several different moods.
== History ==
Andrew Miller came to 'Planet Earth' in 1484 BC, and was raised by a family of chickens. Mr Chicken, also known as Steve, tought him how to scratch for food, while his mother, Mrs Chicken, taught him how to survive in the real world.
== Appearance ==
He has the worst comb over known to man and looks remarkably like Shrek.
== Diet ==
Breakfast: Flaky pastry, topped with Jamaica's finest seasoned bird feed.
Lunch: Peanut butter snadwhiches, bird feed, milk, more birdfeed.
Dinner: Mueseli, birdfeed, milk, goats, bananas, potatoes, turkeys, cabbages, asparagus, cauliflower, meat, steak, ham, pork, cheese, lions, brocilli, pie, crocodiles, jam, honey, carrots, scotch egg, salami, pizza, hash browns, rhinos, and bird feed!
Supper: A Twix and a slice of bread, topped with bird feed.
Snacks: Bird feed, golden syrup.
Other: Meat flavoured bird feed, potatoes.
== Favourite Things ==
Favourite film: Chicken Run
Anyone bald and works in a libary is windy miller
by Jimbo Young November 01, 2006
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