to masturbate and get great pleasure
man, i wacked off all over my friends school shirt last night
by david September 20, 2004
Top Definition
One of the greatest sports in the world. All the plus bits about surfing but with no paddling and you can go play inland as well given a bit of wind.
You gotta get out there man, it's blowing its tits off and the waves are mast high. Great windsurfing weather.
by P..B.. January 10, 2006
The act of performing anal sex while the receiver farts during this action.
"Took this girl home last night and went windsurfing on the first date"
by things25 January 15, 2015
a) the acts involved in flatulence fetish...aka fart play.

b) intentionally making a vagina expel compressed air
a) Did you hear that your ex lets his new boyfriend fart on him..? Ya he told me he's a wind surfer.

b) My boyfriend likes to do it doggy style so it makes me quiff..he's in to wind surfing.
by Sand Cat February 27, 2010
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