Julie told Nickie that her boyfriend Danny was "willy nilly". and couldnt get hard.
by da Wordman October 30, 2003
When people aren't doing work, and are just standing around doing nothing, avoiding work.
the only way to explain what your doing is by saying 'willy nilly'
by jachar July 18, 2006
Often used by female mates as a name for the male's penis.
*Girlfriends discussing the potential name of the one's boyfriend's member* "Do you fancy 'Princess Sophia'?" "Eh… I'd say I'm more fond of 'Willy Nilly'."
by Hear_Bush_oink April 10, 2004
When a situation gets too crazy to handle
yo man this shit is straight willy nilly up in this piece
by Patty D February 24, 2003
What a stupid thing to say
"willy nilly"
by Dole November 10, 2003
Willy nilly = perforce = involuntarily inevitable = of necessity

After making that public statement, Boris was driven willy-nilly to support of the candidate.
by 86podpeople October 21, 2003
Like it or not. Willing or not willing. Whether you want to or not.
Willy nilly, I have to do it. Get up and go to work, willy nilly. Pay your share, willy nilly.
by C. T. Onions November 03, 2007
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