Get as much pussy as you possibly can before you leave highschool
Wow i def am a willy
by wawacanoza1121 April 28, 2008
Fully-clothed, premature ejaculation whilst rounding first base.
Dude TJ just pulled a Willy and tossed his shorts in the tub
by Stewart Smally November 20, 2007
Someone who gets extremely excited over computer games
Man is that guy getting a willy again??
by jonei3 February 24, 2008
Any black male. A girl would be a girl-willy, a baby would be a willy-child.
That willy doesn't know why we're calling him a willy.
by djAVEZ April 07, 2008
damn, that's a big, hard willy!!!!!
by Pussy sayer December 22, 2015

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