willy is an extremely awsome person! He always looks on the bright side of things and has a tendency of making people laugh. I personally love willys and dont think i could live without them. Willy is also hott! They could get any girl they want and is very popular! They have very few enimies and a lot of people want to be just like willy!
by swimfreek April 13, 2010
An amazingly cute/hot guy who is easy to love. he has a very weird talent of making himself comforable no matter where he is and is incredible at making you laugh no matter what. he is a loveable kind person.
"Aww i love that kid Willy. He is really hot and super nice!"
by FoFighter October 22, 2008
Goofy, drunkard. Small in stature, most likely of Native orgin. Masonary, animal hoarder. Very unhealthy life stlye, cheap booze. Into scrapping - boxing. Slow minded, with some short of distinguished marking or physical aliment about them.
Oh Willy, why are you just so that way Willy?
by olakeside December 30, 2011
A colloquial slang term taught to children in Australia and other English-speaking countries by their parents. It refers to the male human genitalia in the same way as 'wiki-wocka' refers to the female parts in Australia (notably New South Wales).
Child to mother: 'Jenny wanted to see my willy today at school, but I wouldn't show her'.

Mother to child: 'You're a very good boy'.

Sorry to be a bit dull with this definition, but it's a touchy subject for some, and I don't wish to offend.

by John of the Antipodes on Jul 18, 2011
by John of the Antipodes July 18, 2011
mans best friend that offers countless hours of fun, and also a word that that is guaranteed to have many a school child rolling around on the floor in tears (other examples of this include fanny, bum, poo and tampon)
sweet jesus that a heck of a trouser snake!! WILLY
by dangerous donnivan June 20, 2011
what young people call a penis
"i have a small, white willy"

"i have a large, black willy"
by sheino January 11, 2009
a fictional restaraunt invented by Matt W. of Atlanta that he supposudly calls a "tex-mex" restaraunt. He made it up while attending Jew Poo Summer camp in New Hampshire.

He's also a crazy mofo in bed.
Matt- "hey nate you wanna go to Willy's?"
Me- "matt you made that shit up at summer camp"
Matt- "NO I DIDN'T!!"
Me- "yes....yes you most certainly fucking did"
by Flava Flav's Dick December 08, 2006

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