Top Definition
to hit someone in their nuts
I willy popped Shane so hard he puked.
by kurt October 03, 2004
The piece of vocabulary used during the examination of a lollie pop whilst reflecting on the sucking action related, depending on your mind set...To oral sex of the male genitals.
e.g. This one time at band camp i saw a girl playing a flute and it totally made me went him to suck my willypop i mean lollie pop big time...awks

e.g. I dropped my willypop and later found a hair on it which i asked my cousin to lick of cus im from ballintubber...i mean lollie pop:/...
by ooooh johnthy January 02, 2012
A sucker shaped like a man's willy.
Oh man, look at her suck that willy pop!

Chea! That's gonna be me tonight broha.
by andy doorhol April 20, 2008
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