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its a kiddy name for a penise and its also used for people who are stupid.
Sam: hahaha i can see your willie
George: i know big innit

Reiss: (bangs into me)
Ronnie: Reiss yah willie
by ronnie1997 August 07, 2011
74 91
a big fat cock, large object.
i sucked on your willie last night
by bobthebuilder343 May 04, 2006
107 146
A stupid, ugly, female woman, who's best friend is Dinkleburg, who loves to listen to Ninja Rap. Willie's love to leave crow's nests in their friends toilets just to piss em off. Thier favorite word is Kabooly and their last name is usually Micheals. A complete Naca. Oh my days, BISCUITS!.
Jillian: Ew Madi! Look at that ugly fat person over there!
Madi: Must be a Willie who is super baked right now..
by Idk you poopin buttmuffinn September 05, 2011
37 77
Canadian five dollar bill, depicting Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Could also be spelled 'willy' but that means somthing else entirely.
That'll cost you about a willie.
by stavr0 March 29, 2005
54 94
\Wil"lie\, n. A penis
"Wishin i could be the one man, but you juggle way too many Willies all in one hand"--Nas, "Black Girl Lost"
by glamazon May 15, 2005
72 113
A guy that likes to cheat on EVERY girlfriend he has. One week he'll be dating one person, then cheats on her. dates her. then cheats on her. and so on. its sad. pretty much everyone wants to hit him square in the jaw, but its not really worth the time and effort.
person 1 : are you and michelle still together?
person 2 : naw, i moved on to linda.
person 1 : dude, you're such a willie.
by sabinesugly December 27, 2010
32 78