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if you are William-Hung, you are extremely hungover. You are disoriented and uncoordinated...much like the man himself.
Guy1: Dude, how hungover are you?

Guy2: I'm William-Hung dude.
by BigVish September 14, 2008
2 0
Some guy who did horrible on American Idol. But we all know how funny a bad singer can be, so he obviously gets a record deal. He is being used for laughs and that is about it. He probably doesn't realize since he is retarded.
I feel sorry for William Hung.
by one eyed snake June 25, 2004
390 77
One of the most brilliant young minds in America.

Formulated a plan where he would gain fame and fortune by singing horribly. His plan worked and can now retire.
William Hung did not gain fame by accident. It was all according to his plan.
by AbnormalBoy November 01, 2004
384 128
A little bastard who personifies the stereotypical Asian/Chinese individual (i.e., fucked-up teeth, slanted eyes, inability to speak coherent English, etc.).

That William Hung bastard makes all Asian males look bad. Fucker.
Me: "If i see William Hung in an alley, I'm going to kick his Ricky-Martin-loving-ass"
by evil monkey March 20, 2005
300 114
Proof that the music industry is going downhill and has been for a long time. The idea that someone could get a record deal just because they look and sing funny is despicable.
It's fucking music, not your fucked up face.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 10, 2005
134 51
The most sublime singer in the history of music. Every time I hear his music, especially covers of passe hits like She Bangs, my soul is transported to another dimension. He sings like an angel on crack and his voice is just mind-blowing.
If it wasn't for William Hung's songs, I'd commit suicide.
by Huuligan May 18, 2006
103 31
at first we all felt laughed at him, then the initial humour gace way to pity, shortly after, that gave way to annoyance.
come on...bringing him back on th show was bad enough, but th cd??!! what the fff???
see also: 1.15 mins of fame expired
2.Idol producers are homo
1."fuckin' william hung"-expressed in anger
by camdaddy February 04, 2005
88 31
A contestant on American Idol, from Cal-Berkeley. A Civil Engineer major, with a seemingly cult following after his courageous performance of "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin. He has no professional training at all.
"She Bangs! She Bangs!"
by ZJP Version 1.0 February 16, 2004
91 47