William Beckett is a walking definition of "sex". He should be a model. He is the lead singer of The Academy Is... and enjoys appearing homosexual when around Gabe Saporta

Fangirls everwhere died last year, when it was rumored that he had a baby, Geniveve Dylan (also known as Wikipedia Nonsense)with longtime girlfriend, or maybe wife, Christine Bandy. While Beckett will neither confirm or deny this rumor he once made an interesting tweet that sent girls crazy on fbr_trash.
"Bless with GDB"

Beckett is very skinny, and some question whether or not he has a penis. He used to wear flare jeans and a bandana around his leg but he doesnt do that anymore so FANGIRLS NEED TO STOP TRYING.
Did you hear about William Beckett's baby?

Oh no! That is wikipedia nonsense
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
William Eugene Beckett Jr is the lead singer of the band The Academy Is... (with the ...'s included)
He is often compared to the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, Adam Lazarra, as the hotter, younger, sexier, thinner, more fit version.
William Beckett has the voice of an angel, which i can not begin to describe.
He is nice to his fans, and turns straight men gay.
Kandy: "OMG it's William Beckett!"

Chris: (having a boner) "Isn't that the hot dude from The Academy Is...?"

Chris's girlfriend: "HEY! You told me you were straight!"
by Can Telope March 01, 2009
tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. 1, 2. Love, affection, devotion all mean a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person. Love may apply to various kinds of regard: the charity of the Creator, reverent adoration toward God or toward a person, the relation of parent and child, the regard of friends for each other, romantic feelings for another person, etc. Affection is a fondness for others that is enduring and tender, but calm. Devotion is an intense love and steadfast, enduring loyalty to a person; it may also imply consecration to a cause. 2. liking, inclination, regard, friendliness. 15. like. 16. adore, adulate, worship.
William Beckett:one tall glass of love juice.
by THE DOMINOES PHANTOM September 01, 2006
Gabe Saporta's boyfriend.
Fangirl 1: Don't you love William Beckett?

Fangirl 2: He's amazing. And omfg Gabilliam is best pairing ever. It's real, like the Summer Of Like
by George "Ryan" Ross III January 06, 2012
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