A fucking moron. A fucking bitch.
Can't sing to save his life.

He's gonna get shot in the head someday.
Its just a matter of time.
"She Bangs, She Bangs"

Boy you gonna know when she bangs
by gonna get you boy May 21, 2004
A Large Group of Teens Goin Hyphy. Also a Small Group Of Teens Goin Dumb.
(Back Hand to da Face!!!!)
Dat Dude Go's, William Hung be knowing bout dis!!!


(Back Hand to da Grill!!!!)
Dem Folks Go, William Hung be knowing bout dis!!!
by prince September 16, 2007
A retarded litte asian who can't sing

see retarded

Whoever thinks Will can sing is retarded too
He Sux! He Sux!
So shut up! Shut up!

Kiss my ass William Hung
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
Some dude that started all these websites such as www.williamhung.net and www.hungwill.com
I am gay.
by Carlton Deeprose March 17, 2004
Some ugly Chinese guy with no singing aptitude whatsoever who probably just went on American Idol because of a bet or he's just that fucked up.

Aka Ricky Martin wannabe--a disgrace to all Asians.
Idiot 1: OMG, William Hung pwns!!! She bangs, she bangs!
Idiot 2: Oh yeah, go William!
Chinese guy: Dude, STFU!
Idiot 1: You're just jealous!
by OMG its me March 21, 2006
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