A talented commedian. Tried out for American Idol and because he didn't sound like other people, he lost. Then he became famous.
William Hung sang "She bangs!"
by Anna July 16, 2004
American Idol participant who tried his hardest and even tho he lost, he still took it like a man
William Hung is a REAL man!
by willie February 04, 2004
if you are William-Hung, you are extremely hungover. You are disoriented and uncoordinated...much like the man himself.
Guy1: Dude, how hungover are you?

Guy2: I'm William-Hung dude.
by BigVish September 14, 2008
Some guy who did horrible on American Idol. But we all know how funny a bad singer can be, so he obviously gets a record deal. He is being used for laughs and that is about it. He probably doesn't realize since he is retarded.
I feel sorry for William Hung.
by one eyed snake June 25, 2004
The most annoying person in the world,someone please shoot him in the head or something!
He dances like an idiot,he sings like and idiot so that means..HE'S AN IDIOT!!!
by TheWiggidy April 30, 2004
The most inspiring and unstoppable new artist and American Idol Performer
Will is my idol.
by kcin March 04, 2004
An American Idol contestant who failed miserably, but became an instant hit particularly in the US, showing how stupid most americans really are, showing that they cant think for themselves.
<american loser> man im gonna buy William Hungs CD
<non-american> man, you are really stupid
by whitetiger16 May 09, 2004

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