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The American Idol reject who sold more records that AI 2nd place finisher Justin Guarini.
Wow. Look what America has come to. Go figure. haha
by Katsturr August 10, 2005
A Ricky Martin wannabe
She Bangs!!!!!!!!
by t-izzle Me-lizzle February 13, 2004
guy who can't sing whom got a record contract. he usually screws up the lyrics, and isn't original in any of his songs, for he never wrote one of his own songs.
She Bangs: Ricky Martin
I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly or me first and the gimmes
YMCA: the village people
Can you feel the love tonight: Elton john
by Tim August 17, 2004
The first American Idol reject to gain widespread fame. Hung, an engineering major at Berkeley, turned in a horrendous rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs at his audition and was roundly rejected by the judges. Despite this setback to his singing career, he was signed to a record deal and released one album, Inspiration, a collection of covers sung by Hung and peppered with occasional words of wisdom. To this day, many are still unsure whether Hung was a savvy genius with an almost supernatural ability to mock his own self-image or just a naive fool who truly believed he was talented.
I pity the fool that bought William Hung's CD.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
the american idol star that sang She bangs she bangs and was humiliated
William Hung: She bangs She bangs Oh baby she moves she moves oh baby cuz she looks like a flowa but she stings like a beeeeee like every girl in historeee

Simon: stop ok stop

William hung: i hav no regrets i did my best i have no professional training~~
by kraziestkushluk August 06, 2004
I don`t hate him. But like Paris Hilton, he`s famous and rich for a stupid reason. Yes he can`t sing. And maybe it was funny at first. But now he`s a millionare for having a horrible voice. Does that mean that i`ll be rich if i sing "living la vida loca" horribly in american idol? who knows. if it makes me rich enough to pay off taxes and buy myself a new car, then baby, i`m going to hollywood.
i went off topic. william hung should go back to college, and don`t buy his CD! it`s a waste of money.
by i like dinosaurs May 31, 2007
Hey, if William Hung can get a record deal...then anyone can! this proves that um hello record companies are dumb as crap for giving this guy a record deal..but then again hilary duff got a record deal 2..hum.. ya know my next thing i'm gonna do is..i'm gonna try out fo american idol sing worth crap and maybe wohoo i can get a record deal and get rich! although i dought that he sold many alright! weird..srry dis is off topic but y did hilary duff sell 3 million copies?! crazy as crap i say...........
"i'll buy barneys greatest hits before i buy this guys!!"
by urbanslushie July 27, 2004