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A ridiculous millennium in an alternate universe, invented by Will Smith (Big Willie Style), in which everyone wears shiny silver suits, dances like a flaming idiot, and uses phrases like gettin' jiggy wit it and peep this while I freak this. Comes from the song "Will2K", one of the dumbest songs ever written.
"Time for the new millennium...excuse me, willennium." -Big Willie Style

"Like, oh my god! I hear they're opening a new Banana Republic AND a new GAP at the mall thometime this willennium. That's going to be abtholutely pothitively fabulouth!" -Clay Aiken

"I'd wait all willennium for a chance to give it to Big Willie indabutt." -Carson Daly
by Nick D July 07, 2004
An alternative to a millennium, involving Will Smith, at which one is expected to party like it's 1999 only to realise that it actually is halfway through said statement.
Identifiable as a new-year celebration on the dawn of a triple-zero date at which people are gettin' jiggy with it and pumping the roof at twelve-oh-oh.
"My new years resolution for the new Willennium is to get jiggy with it on a more frequent basis"
by oisín April 17, 2006
The way to describe the year 2000 in order to satisfy those who felt the new millennium didn't start until 2001. The first Willennium was a time of hope fueled by the internet bubble, cheap gasoline, and Will Smith.
Are you going to the Willennium Party, it's going to be so awesome to ring in the new year and the first Willennium.
by drezdn June 20, 2008
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