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The hardest partying town on the prairies, often confused with such great places as Las Vegas and New York. But it is a proven fact that Wilkie parties harder and anyone from there can drink an Irishman under the table, with both hands behind his back.
Man that place is fucking awesome, its definetly a Wilkie.

I'm so bored, lets go find a Wilkie.
by PSherman44Sidney December 28, 2010
15 3
To be obsessed with a woman, or man, that is way out of said person's league and be totally oblivous to it.

Also unable to take hint of dis-interest.
Did you see John with that chic? He was so Wilkie.

That was totally wilkish.
by Alter 3g0 April 22, 2009
17 16
to be fully dependant on another. one who is completely incapable of being to complete the most simple day to day tasks without screaming for help.
Seriously?! You can't do anything by yourself your such a wilkie
by lonewolf0514 February 24, 2010
9 10
To have a Tantrum, Mental turn, Spit the dummy
He has taken a wilkie. He is a wilkie taker
by Greg 78 October 07, 2007
12 17