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usually a black person who blasts rap (mainly compton ass terry's theme song) and travels around thinking he's the shit. wild niggys usually travel in packs and r very fun to hunt. wild niggy packs can be large game and u should use a good caliber rifle or SMG. wild niggys usually carry either a 9mm glock or a tec-9 and usually dress ridiculous. they are very easy to spot though.
look! in the distance! a herd of wild niggys mating. that can't be good for the population.
by A fat man August 03, 2006
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a nigger who is completely untamed, someone who is black and or wants to be black. These people are similar to lions in the jungle they carry around 9mm glocks and wave them aroud like they own the streets, the world is becoming over populated with this wild niggy and if we dont continue with organized niggy hunts, the world by become lost to the wild and horrors of the WIlD NIGGYS.
unlike tamed niggys wild niggys are dangerous and should procede with extreme caution, some signs of a wild niggy would be someone black ridin in a caddy wit 20in rims blastin rap, drinkin colt 45, and someone who will kill u for pleasure it is a dangerous world so help control the wild niggy population by getting ur wild niggy tamed or at least locked up.....
wild niggy over populated regions..... harlem,compton,DC,miami, and city basketball courts, and just normal courts. SO BEAWARE!!!!
by THE BIG M.G August 06, 2006

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