someone who is a pretty
nando and toni: Whos a pretty, is wil a pretty. yes hes a prerty, wil IS a pretty
by nando1232 September 08, 2008
Top Definition
A hot sexy guy who is a total horn dog which is good for me cause so am I.
Wil what's that in your pocket, ooh that's for me, thanks
by Michelle & Charles May 05, 2005
An odd, deranged, or insane person attempting to masquerade as normal.

Also, pretending to be a person named Will while not reaching the same level the true Will is at.
"Look at that Wil kid! He needs to get put into an insane asylum or something."
by Wil Smith March 01, 2004
An incredibly good-looking half Filipino man who wears diamonds in his ears. He can be shy but once you get to know him, he wins you over with his sense of humor. He's a fantastic dresser with a flair for luxury. A Wil is very clean and when you hug him you know you have never sniffed a better smelling person. He's passionate about his career and makes you smile when he answers the phone in his "hello" voice. He has a big heart and is very generous. He makes you feel safe in his strong arms. A Wil makes you realize you never knew love before him.
Who's that hot guy in the Bears shirt pimpin the Sierra truck?

Girl, you know damn well that's a Wil.
by Catydid May 02, 2011
"What is life," frequently used by teenage white girls who think they are going through a major crisis, while there are children starving in Africa.
"Omg! WiL?"
"Girl, what did he do this time?"
"Brian commented on Sharkquiesha's post that he loves her! Ugh! WiL?!?!?"
by Kim Kardashian's Booty December 11, 2014
a lonely little fellow
Wil walked down the street and saw two people holding hands and he looks down at his hands and cries
by Richard Howell May 01, 2009
A piece of shit guy that needs to not be a fuckboy and needs to have a pair of eyeballs that actually works to determine that that bitch is ugly :)
Wow Wil is a piece of shit for taking that ugly bitch to prom instead of Des.
by Mixtape580 March 30, 2015
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