the source of all knowledge
if something doesn't have an article about it on wikipedia then it must not exist
by rustyshackleford August 01, 2007
that site the teachers tell you not to go to, but you do anyway.

a site that anyone can change just for fun and to mess up people's papers
teacher: kids, don't go to wikipedia for this research paper
kids: alright. *they go home & do it anyway*
"hey, josie. i was just on wikipedia, and i made it say that napoleon was a male prositute for some time" (but, i really did)
by your lover karen May 07, 2007
The educational equivilant to urban dictionary
I wanted to know what oral sex was, but I thought going on urban dictionary seemed too usual, because most of thier definetions probably would not help me. If I want it detailed, I will go to wikipedia.
by DizzyLizzy January 26, 2007
The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. One of the several sites in the whole Wikimedia project. The all-knowing site on the Internet. You've got questions, it's got answers. Basically, it's the Internet's equivalent of God.
Wikipedia even has an article about this website, Urban Dictionary.
by QuackQuack August 06, 2006
noun- the online encyclopedia. Has everything from sausage fest to the Darfur conflict. The word wiki comes from a Hawian word "wiki wiki" which means quick. It is editable by anyone, which makes it slightly unreliable. But arguably the best place to do "research for a paper.

verb- to search for something on said website
Man, wikipedia just saved my grade!

Just wikipedia it.
by faerygirl956 May 30, 2006
The rich mans urban dictionary.
Mike never uses urban dictionary, for he cannot understand definitions such as "1. Cool: yo muh niggaz up in da wes side of da c0mpt0n reprazintin daa heezy, wankstas g0t fucked by t3h mas73r 0f t3h 1337 xb0x!!! FUCK GEORGE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", therefore, he chooses to use the Wikipedia.
by Phil smith February 24, 2006
The true source of all knowledge and wisdom on Earth. Just note that where it's inaccurate, it at least *definitively* inaccurate.
Wikipedia gives you more free info than you wished for before you can say "bibliography!"
by Jeffris November 27, 2005

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