A means of getting much needed information for most school-children, in order to put in as little effort required to complete a project due within several days.

This is a outcome caused by:

1. Lazyness.

or more often:

2. your own procrastination f*cked you over, and so your

doing it the very night before it is due.
1. "I don't wanna use a damn book, I want to go on

Wikipdia instead ma!"

2. "Holy shit, I need to get this crap done on Wikipedia

before tomorrow or Mr. PainInTheAss will chew me out!"
by Yellow Fish May 15, 2012
An indefinite part of speech than can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Refers to anything that is disgustingly, grossly unfair.
"I got a B+ in AP Calculus..."

"Did you watch the game?"
"Yeah, we got wikipedia'd."

"You have the right to remain silent?"
"Oh no, wikipedia? NOT AGAIN!!!"
by zvictory November 12, 2010
A website that uses a mind numbingly boring amount of words you don't understand to explain words you don't understand.
Wikipedia tends to be very sesquipedalian
by ZuLu October 21, 2013
The only place that states clearly that they have few rules and any they have can just be ignored! Wikipedia:Ignore all the rules.
Wikipedia has no truth and no reality other than what is published and if you can publish a lie....it's a perfectly FINE reference!
by FinalyFiguredWikiout November 01, 2011
An asshole community who thinks that EVERYTHING HAS TO BE NICE A FUCKING PERFECT.
I changed the definition of a chocolate chip cookie on wikipedia and they changed it back. WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE NEED TO KNOW THE FUCKING DEFINITION OF A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE?!
True story.
by Team_Snooki October 17, 2010
A large, online encyclopedia. Since it is publicly edited, do not site it in a paper's bibliography, it does not count as a source. It is, however, a great place to get the background on your subject, and a great place to get links and references to reputable sites.
For my paper on the 1960's, I started at wikipedia and ended up at a reliable site that really helped me out.
by reality is so overrated February 07, 2008
That site that all teachers hate
Teacher: Don't use information off of wikipedia people can edit it.
by Mr Awesomeface September 23, 2010
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