widely known as the main contributor to Attention Deficit Disorder
Jason: Hey did you find the info about Chemical bonding on Wikipedia!?

Weining: Yahh.. but i forgot what I was looking for already, i kept on pressing the blue coloured links and now im reading about Power Rangers
by the_offspringz October 06, 2008
A parody of Uncyclopedia, known to only show incorrect answers and allow for all people including YOU to edit and change information.

Wikipedia, the free uncyclopedia.
by BrandonRamone April 17, 2008
Telling a man something even though it is blantantly untrue so that he can feel smart.
Husband: Oh, I got fired from my teaching job today. I must be awful.

Wife: Aww, I'm sorry baby. You're not awful. In fact, you're the smartest man I know!

Husand: Really?

Wife: Absolutely

*husband leaves. wife takes out cell phone and calls friend*

Wife: I just gave my husband a Wikipedia and I feel great because now he's so happy!
by May Kadoodie March 01, 2010
The website that has all of the information on everything but teachers tell you not to use for information but you use anyway.
Person 1: how'd you get so much research on China's coal production?
Person 2: Wikipedia
by rainbxwcliffxrd July 03, 2015
An online encyclopedia, Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales. Meant to be a "free encyclopedia", it has since become a controversial and questionable source of information.
While Wikipedia is good for basic facts, it must be taken with a grain of salt, especially since many of its editors are agenda driven ideologues in one or another way.
by Nickidewbear February 26, 2014
A website that allows anyone to make changes on it. There is only really a 50% chance the information that you got off of wikipedia is actually true. Unless it has enough reliable sources, the thing that you are looking up on Wikipedia should be trusted AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Most teachers now days tell their students to stay away, if possible, from Wikipedia and look up their information on a different website.
by WikiOpposer October 18, 2012
Wikipedia is the new google.
Even if you google something, the first hit will be a wikipedia site anyway.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005

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