The reason why actually having a WIDE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE isn't cool anymore.
"You don't know who Rasputin was, do you?"
"Yes, I do. He was a Russian peasant who claimed to have special powers, and fooled the czar into thinking he is healing his son, while he was only using him to gain power and women and control."
"Nice! Are you a Russian, like me? Because there's no way you could have learned it at school."
"No, I just read it on Wikipedia"
by Urban_Fellow August 28, 2007
Basically it's Urban Dictionary but with all the entries based around sex-realted slang replaced by intellectual thought. A good proportion of it may or may not be written by crazy people in caves who haven't seen sunlight in years, and as a result believe that "splinkard" is a real world.
"Do NOT quote wikipedia in your dissertation! It is not an academic source." Bloody useful though.
by Chris February 22, 2005
A website that REALLY pissed off the Chinese Communist Party, or simply the PARTY.
Wikipedia actually has more backbone than corporations like Microsoft, Google or Yahoo!.
by Peevee April 25, 2006
Acronym for We Illustrate Kinks Involving Phallocentric Euphoria During Intercourse. Awesome.
Man, check out this article on WIKIPEDIA
by captainhogfacehead October 16, 2009
Because if it's on a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, it must be true!
Hi, wikipedia.
by Slaeyn August 15, 2008
Britannica on the bathroom wall.
"Wikipedia is full of facts."
by Limecat Never Forget October 28, 2006
widely known as the main contributor to Attention Deficit Disorder
Jason: Hey did you find the info about Chemical bonding on Wikipedia!?

Weining: Yahh.. but i forgot what I was looking for already, i kept on pressing the blue coloured links and now im reading about Power Rangers
by the_offspringz October 06, 2008

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