A free encyclopedia where average people can make an account and rant with false information about people or things that they hate, and naive Americans will pass it as truth because they're too lazy to look for a more reliable source.
"I learned on Wikipedia that Austin Winkler of the rock band Hinder was gay! Wikipedia is a reliable source, so it must be true!"

"My school has an article on Wikipedia. It's North Adams High School, located in Seaman, Ohio. The principal is Mr. Waffle and the vice principal is Mr. Horny."

"According the the intellectual source of Wikipedia, Adolf Hitler died by being attacked by a bear. I always thought it was something along the lines of committing suicide while in hiding, but who am I to criticize the wisdom of Wikipedia?"
by hekifier March 28, 2009
The best argument against democracy.
Wikipedia is full of edit wars, elitist admins, and non-peer reviewed information.
by Phil0 May 22, 2011
A website where you can find articles on everything from Raisin Bran to the diarreha song.
Tim checked Wikipedia to find out what the term "bukkake" meant.
by Binky42 June 21, 2006
"You get what you pay for."

A nice try by self absorbed kids that truly believe if it isn't ancient history, about yu gi ho cards, garage bands they heard of, or their high school records, it doesn't belong in Wiki.
Wikipedia wants to delet Hanukkah Harry next! A 16yr appointed to editor 2 weeks ago old deleted Jewsmas. Shame of WikiRacists!
by SinisterSister September 21, 2006
A Nazi-infected corner of the web. Most incidences involve blocking without reason, administrator abuse, and flame wars.
I was editing Wikipedia and this guy blocked me for no reason.
by Deathgleaner May 08, 2010
The greatest solution to High School assignments since cheating was invented.
Teacher: Now i want a 5 page essay on medicine in by Friday!
*Student searches medicine on Wikipedia...*
by bender92 August 23, 2006
The free encyclopedia.
I'm going to look this up in Wikipedia.
by Andre January 07, 2004

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