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you get what you pay for. =D
you get what you pay for, wikipedia is free.
by Ryan July 24, 2006
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A site that sounds and looks good at a first glance. While Wikipedia can be a useful resource for quick research, the community is probably the worst on the net, and actually trying to edit an article will lead to pointless debates about "POV" and "assuming good faith" that make it not even worth it.

Wikipedia is a site:

Where an 18 year old with Asperger's who spends 18 hours a day editing has the same say as a Harvard professor.

Where you'll find pictures of mutilated penises and nude decapitated women galore, but if you create an account with "poop" or "sex" as part of your screenname, you'll be banned for having an "offensive username".

Where 12 year old kids are given admin access, so if a guy with a doctorate in quantum mechanics happens to piss of some 12 year old Pokemon fan with admin powers, he just might get the banhammer.

Where articles on obscure Pokemon characters, individual Family Guy episodes, and Japanese porn cartoons get featured on the homepage, and are more detailed and accurate in content than articles on American history.

Where you can listen to audio articles on "death erection" and "cumshot", but not "World War II" or "Abraham Lincoln".
Wikipedia is like a sausage, you may like the taste of it but you don't necessarily want to see how it's made.
by SlickSammy9393 April 07, 2011
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Wikipedia is the academic equivalent of asking your friend or a group of your friends for information on a subject. Sometimes you get really smart insightful intelligent answers and sometimes you get complete garbage.
Simulation of asking wikipedia/a friend a question:

Hey, who was Robert Murdoch anyway?
Oh, hes that guy that owns Fox News and burger king or something in Australia I think. He was on the simpsons that time, remember?
by xenoprano April 22, 2007
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The most biased and inaccurate source of information on Planet Earth. They claim that anyone can edit and contribute but this is not true. Any attempt to add or edit content is removed within 5 minutes by registered douchebag editors with no lives who sit around 24 hours a day, just waiting to delete whatever you might add.
I tried to correct Wikipedia's entry on the Earth by saying that it's round but someone reverted back to say that the Earth is square.
by Dude Regular February 01, 2011
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The Wiki software genre as applied to a public encyclopedia.

It is very popular due to its ability to its loose licensing policies, which allow it to be included in commercial Web sites (such as Answers.com), as well as the general bias most of the Internet has in favor of open-source software.
Due to these financially-driven reasons, it is is always within the first results of a search query.

If you are going to read any Wikipedia article, it is important to first read the "Talk" page, as registered Wikipedia users are notorious for their elitism and incompetence. Wikipedia is run similar to a pure democracy, where any viewpoint with support over 50% has the final say.
Both of these reasons lead to inaccuracies and subjective deletion policies, including musical genres any Web search can prove legitimate and unique Web sites featured in the mainstream press. Vandalism is often found on Wikipedia, which can contribute the motives and viewpoints behind the deletion activities.

Wikipedia also invents words and phrases (such as "fancruft") and instructs registered users not to use them outside of Wikipedia's editing process.

Supporters point to studies claiming that Wikipedia is more credible than major encyclopedias, while opponents point to major negative news events, occurrences of censorship and alleged political/religious biases, and founder Jimbo Wales' beliefs in Ayn Rand's Objectivism as applied to his personal life.
Wikipedia is a very popular result with search engines. It is a real shame that readers don't investigate the behind-the-scenes activities, of which they may or may not approve...
by RedBlade March 18, 2009
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Originally a parody of Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia has grown into the world's largest MMOAEG (Massively Multiplayer Online Article Editing Game,) boasting millions of subscribers and over two million individual realms or 'Articles' in which you can play.

The object of Wikipedia is to make as many edits as possible, as you quest through from the most simple low level articles on insects and bovines to vastly complex articles on the nature of the universe. The final challenge created by the moderators is an article on Wikipedia itself.

'Powerleveling' is a serious problem in Wikipedia, leading to many arguments over comma placement, spelling, and whether 42 really is the answer to life the universe and everything.

Countless lives have been ruined by Wikipedia; as players, or 'editors' as they call themselves, neglect their families and friends.

Of course wikipedia can benefit lives as well. Many uneducated teenagers see Wikipedia as 'leet hax' which they can use to circumvent study, where they are secretly being tricked into reading an encyclopedia. Contrary to unpopular belief, Wikipedia is technically an encyclopedia, although it it edited many millions of extra times.
Stupid Kid One: Dude, like check out my paper on the industrial revolution. I'll like get an A for sure. Pwnt.

Stupid Kid Two: LOL, moron, you put like this comma in the wrong place. I would know since I just copied my paper off of Wikipedia last week.

Stupid Kid One: OMG dude, like I did that too, but I just copied it last night! LOL, KRINKT!

Wife: Come to bed honey... I need your opinion on a new outfit I bought (;

Editor: Not now I've almost beat this article. Also you spelled ;) wrong.
by Alisson June 17, 2008
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A kind of quantum encyclopedia, where genuine data both exists and doesn't exist depending on the precise moment a person relies upon the encyclopedia's discordant fucking mob for information.
Wikipedia is the most useless source of information on the planet - things change every second.
by kalikitsune December 08, 2009
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