An elaborate message board filled with complete inaccuracies, tabloid influenced rhetoric, outrageous emotional based opinions, blatant political conflagration, and callous disregard for scientific fact, which is thinly disguised as a free, open source, online encyclopedia that postures itself to be an authoritative and factual information resource; where the moderators and owners of the site delete and cover up entries they disagree with, discounting objective facts and labeling such users as "vandals" inside the alleged collaborative structure that is really designed to have the web population do its work for them with no compensation.
"Wikipedia is trash and is destined to fail."
by NYC October 20, 2005
An Internet blog site where willfully biased control freaks and chretins battle to pass off their misconceptions as encyclopaedic "truth".

Also spelled: Wackopedia
Fred: I was looking at wikipedia last night and read that George W Bush is descended from Darth Vader. Isn't that amazing!

Joe: You were looking at what? Moron.
by Charles K Darwin March 30, 2008
A site that you learn more about anything else then you could in four years of high school.Probably college as well.
Meg: Wikipedia unlike high school doesn't rip us off years of learning at school... Johnny:For seral.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 23, 2009
An free, online encyclopedia that is a hundred miles long and only one inch deep.
Did you know that a good chunk of what some read on wikipedia isnt true? Just some knucklehead writing what he HE thinks...
by Foobalicous November 15, 2006
A free online open-source encyclopedia that unfortunately falls prey to the pseudo-intellectual pimply obese 12 year olds who so often become moderators on internet forums. While the idea of everyone in the world compiling their knowledge into one source is pretty good, the fact that anybody can edit anything and that what classifies as a "neutral point of view" is decided by opinionated teenagers prevents Wikipedia from being a legitimate encyclopedia and maintains its role as a dumping ground for useless anime trivia and pointless facts about final fantasy characters. While it shouldn't be hard to touch up and change the more opinionated and useless articles, "Wikipedians" would much rather debate the most pointless and trivial details of whatever the situation is than actually fix anything.
My teacher wouldn't let me use Wikipedia because she said it didn't count as a real encyclopedia.
by TheWalrus December 22, 2007
an online encyclopedia, started at 2001, made by user contribution and translated to many languages. visit
contribute to wikipedia project !
by alireza January 06, 2004
A site that sounds and looks good at a first glance. While Wikipedia can be a useful resource for quick research, the community is probably the worst on the net, and actually trying to edit an article will lead to pointless debates about "POV" and "assuming good faith" that make it not even worth it.

Wikipedia is a site:

Where an 18 year old with Asperger's who spends 18 hours a day editing has the same say as a Harvard professor.

Where you'll find pictures of mutilated penises and nude decapitated women galore, but if you create an account with "poop" or "sex" as part of your screenname, you'll be banned for having an "offensive username".

Where 12 year old kids are given admin access, so if a guy with a doctorate in quantum mechanics happens to piss of some 12 year old Pokemon fan with admin powers, he just might get the banhammer.

Where articles on obscure Pokemon characters, individual Family Guy episodes, and Japanese porn cartoons get featured on the homepage, and are more detailed and accurate in content than articles on American history.

Where you can listen to audio articles on "death erection" and "cumshot", but not "World War II" or "Abraham Lincoln".
Wikipedia is like a sausage, you may like the taste of it but you don't necessarily want to see how it's made.
by SlickSammy9393 April 07, 2011

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