An internet joke after it was invaded by the Colbert Nation. The elephants was the first to go.
Steven colbert just uber haxxor pwn wikipedia.
by domonx August 06, 2006
A online encyclopedia edited by 7 year olds.
Journalist: Man, where can I find evidence that President George Bush's I.Q is1?
Seceteray: idk,wikipedia?
Journalist: WTF! Thats edited by 7 year olds!
by xiao191 October 11, 2008
an evil EVIL website encyclopedia that LIES to you (LIES!!!) and tries to make you believe that it is on the side of good, and not an evil dictating government system that controls all.... *tear *sniff so sad.
(aka: basically you cant write whatever you want on wikipedia about whatever you want, they just want you to think that and since everyone can just go on and change it and if enough people agree with it then its deemed correct, it is not a reliable source of information. unlike THIS site.)
wikipedia=bad (a definite NO-NO)

by N-A-D-I-A November 03, 2006
wikipedia...its that site that tells u everything and things u wouldnt hav how pineapples arent grown in trees ..yeah.. i know..thier grown in fields...lmao look it up on
um..the site that will take over the world if it became 2 smart get it? wikipedia man..
by the CHINAmaN July 05, 2006
It's like porn for autistics.
Man last night I went on Wikipedia and found so many facts I creamed my new jeans.
by Sam is a Dick December 25, 2006
An informational site that has non credible information.
Wikipedia is the devil. I wrote an essay using it and failed.
by Animador813 November 10, 2014

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