The angel for students. Wikipedia saves lives, gives life, and creates life. Worship it and use it wisely.
Guy #1: "Dude, I have to write a giant report on the American Civil War and I know nothing about it!"

Guy #2: "Use Wikipedia."
by Al Ehk February 19, 2009
The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. One of the several sites in the whole Wikimedia project. The all-knowing site on the Internet. You've got questions, it's got answers. Basically, it's the Internet's equivalent of God.
Wikipedia even has an article about this website, Urban Dictionary.
by QuackQuack August 07, 2006
The website that resolves 99% all the pointless argements. Also affectionately as the Oracle.
no fuck YOU man! we need to consult wikipedia
by dumbthumbs November 06, 2009
The best website ever, the universal encyclopedia. Wikipedia is the 1337est thing ever created.
Stephen: Wikipedia is open source lies
David: Shut up Stephen, you're just jealous of it
Stephen: I know I am, I know that my life is meaningless without Wikipedia, I am a closeted Wikipedian
by Davidcat October 26, 2007
An alternative way of saying wicked or awesome that makes you sound well cool. Fuckin can also be inserted for added umph.

"That sandwitch looks good"
"Yeh, its wikipedia"

"How was that party last night mate?"
"Wiki - fuckin - pedia!!"
by katiebean February 16, 2008
A dumb place where they won't let you edit/add crap because they are way to strict, and they don't know poop!
wikipedia only has "smart" articles unlike the cool ones on urban dictionary
by dummb n00b October 09, 2008
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