An online encyclopedia that was created using a socialist method of production. Nobody owns Wikipedia, and nobody sells it or profits monetarily from it. Eveyone contributes what they can, and everyone shares equally in the finished product.

Wikipedia currently has over 200,000 articles.
Wikipedia and other GNU projects are proof of the power of socialism to accomplish what capitalism can't.
by John February 22, 2004
an uberdictionary made by third-party contributors.
I learned about sex from wikipedia - Bill Gates
by Blly January 04, 2004
1., a website that consists of a vast user-edited encyclopedia. "The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit".

2. A verb meaning 'look something up on'. Similar to the verb 'Google'.

1. I am a frequent visitor to Wikipedia.

2. Come to think about it, I have no idea what percentage of the human body is Carbon. Let's Wikipedia it!
by addyw March 14, 2009
A website run by nerds and racists. The nerds tend to let the racists (aka Republicans) do as they please but block the left-wingers who know what they are talking about.
Wikipedia guy #1: I hate Muslims
Wikipedia administrator #2: You're promoted to admin!

Wikipedia guy #2: I believe racists should be dealt with
Wikipedia administrator: You have been blocked from editing for exercising your right to stop racists.
by ismk February 20, 2008
stupid shit nobody cares about
bob: did u know that that all clownfish have three stripes?

Tom: did you know.... nobody gives a shit! wikipedia nerd!
by Robert Hebeeb January 08, 2008
The ASMS's homework cheatsheet.

Teacher's insist it is not a real site.

Screw that.
There's an assignment due for Biotechnology. First stop, Wikipedia.
by PsychoticHan December 06, 2006
The bible for the mind
Hey Sean, what the fuck is 'Sauropodomorpha'?

I don't know, use Wikipedia
by Street Dentist December 03, 2006

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