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an uberdictionary made by third-party contributors.
I learned about sex from wikipedia - Bill Gates
by Blly January 04, 2004
1. Wikipedia.org, a website that consists of a vast user-edited encyclopedia. "The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit".

2. A verb meaning 'look something up on wikipedia.org'. Similar to the verb 'Google'.

1. I am a frequent visitor to Wikipedia.

2. Come to think about it, I have no idea what percentage of the human body is Carbon. Let's Wikipedia it!
by addyw March 14, 2009
stupid shit nobody cares about
bob: did u know that that all clownfish have three stripes?

Tom: did you know.... nobody gives a shit! wikipedia nerd!
by Robert Hebeeb January 08, 2008
The ASMS's homework cheatsheet.

Teacher's insist it is not a real site.

Screw that.
There's an assignment due for Biotechnology. First stop, Wikipedia.
by PsychoticHan December 06, 2006
The bible for the mind
Hey Sean, what the fuck is 'Sauropodomorpha'?

I don't know, use Wikipedia
by Street Dentist December 03, 2006
It's like UD, except you use it for school.
Wikipedia used to be a place where everyone could post information, but since a dipshit posted some false information that was really upsetting to someone else, we must all now join, to post a one sentence correction of some word we just happen to stumble upon on their site. Thank you, jackass...
A wonderful wonderful user contributed online encyclopedia that has everything you need to know from info to video games and l33t speak to math and science.
1.) I learned about the history and study of goatse.cx and compiled a 2 page report about it! All thanks to wikipedia!
by w00tmon December 13, 2004