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the most effective way to cheat legally.
Mum: If you're stuck with your assignment, just go to the library and borrow a book to help you!
Phil: Fuck that, I'll just hit up Wikipedia.
by the big j dog June 22, 2007
A wicked encyclopedia.
Wikipedia rocks. rocks
by sukebe December 14, 2006
An encyclopedia made by somebody who knew what the fuck they were doing. It's the "almighty encyclopedia"...for it knows all...even knows what the hell oral sex is.

It also responsible for saving countless students' lives everywhere and giving people great info, like cannabis cultivation.
Wikipedia is replacing book encyclopedias 1 volume at a time.
by gagererhyer November 07, 2006
Kind of like an unbiased urbandictionary.
Wikipedia.com is the reason I passed the 8th grade.
by The Sean August 15, 2005
Don't ask me, ask Wikipedia!
I never knew what Wikipedia was! Thanks Wikipedia!
by 011000100110000101100011011011 November 07, 2011
1: A great site for reading, writing, and editing helpful articles to save time or waste it

2: Considered by teachers to be the worst site ever invented
1: I used a Wikipedia article for my report

2: "Wikipedia is an unacceptable source of information for your report."
by SpockTron January 25, 2010
A internet website which allows most people to write what they know about a certain subject to help save people in schools and colleges around the world, whether the subject is about Hittler or its about how long it takes toe nails to grow from the bottom to the top (twice as long as your finger nails and its 2 months). Wikipedia is just like the urban dictionary but there can be a page about almost anything with pictures and links. Oh and best of all, all of this infomation is free (:

Wikipedia (What I Know Is) pedia

......thats what "Wiki" stands for
"Mr. Smith, i was looking all over the internet to do this homework but i couldnt find one website that had who is the lead singer in Metro Station."

"Little Timmy son, you didnt look on Wikipedia did you? Now run along so i can eat my apple"
by G. Potter August 20, 2009