To engage in a rematch of a video game, specifically on the Nintendo Wii console.
I challenge you...TO A WIIMATCH!
by Anthony Schroeck June 08, 2007
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Top Definition
Same thing as a re-match but can only be used while playing WII.
Tommi may have won the WII game this time, but when they WII-match Casey will win!
by Casey16 July 07, 2007
Typically, an appeal to a person of a higher gamesmanship on the Wii, from a person who feels he or she has been cheated or otherwise dooped resulting in an unforseen and unfathomable outcome which is most unsettling to them.
Winner: haha you just got thoroughly handled. That is how you play wii tennis. Loser: that is some bullshit i demand a wiimatch.
by Hi..... March 14, 2009

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