The latest gaming console by Nintendo as of now. Wii allows gamers to point the controller at the screen to aim and swing the controller to attack. These consoles are EXTREMELY rare (it took me two weeks to find one) so they sell pretty high on Ebay. After its release, Nintendo fans rushed to buy it but Xbox and Playstation users proceeded to make fun of the console, sparking such jokes as "hey man want to play with my Wii?" and "All this gaming makes me Wii-tarded."
The Wii is a fun console if your pointer works correctly.
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
One of the best forms of entertainment with friends. released on Nov 19 2006 and had a big turn out. i was there and got one. Oh yeah, and no one sold it later on ebay because they actually wanted one. PS3 sux and will never live up to Wii. xbox is ok. But Wii forever
Sorry cant talk, i have to clean my new shine white wii that i got last weekend. i finally feel complete as a person
by Captain Amazing December 02, 2006
The name of the new Nintendo system being released later this year. Used to be called the Revolution. This system will revolutionise the gaming industry a wii bit.
Me and my girlfriend played with my Wii all night.
by Keael April 29, 2006
Nintendo's new name for its 2006 Revolution project as of 4 28, 2006. The renaming of the project took many consumers by suprise. The Wii is supposed to transcend language barriers and be easy for anyone to pronounce. It has origins in the English "we" indicating that playing together will be central to the system. The "ii" has a similar sound to the "e" in English and puns on the plural of the first person singular nominative "I" in English by duplicating and thus pluralizing it, whereas "we" is the first person plural nominative case.
Wii really need to do something about this new name they came up with.
by Wii April 28, 2006
Nintendo's new console. Formerly known as Nintendo Revolution. Pronounced 'We'
That Nintendo Wii is the shit.
by Anca April 28, 2006
The new release name of the Nintendo 'Revolution'. Wii is pronounced like 'we', and symbolizes 'we' as in the players, to emphasize the themes of fun and interaction. The two ii's are ment to represent either or both the controllers and the players.

Widely regarded as sounding absolutely rediculous.
"Dude, I want to connect my Wii to your Wii and we'll have a Wiiwii party all night!"

"I can't wait until fall to take a Wii! I need to Wii right now!"
by RealBigNUKE April 28, 2006
The new name for the Nintendo Revolution.

Wii. As in 'we', is ment to show togetherness or something, or as someone said "Not you or I, but Wii"

It may also be worth noting that "ii" means "good" in Japanese.
Me-"Hey! Do you want to play with my Wii?"
Friend-"Um what?"
by Woogy April 28, 2006
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