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A small, shiny, plastic version of God. Has great controls, innovative and original games (Zach & Wiki, Wii Fit) and an extensive online library of games from older Nintendo systems and other consoles that were destroyed by Nintendo in the nineties (NeoGeo, TurboGrafix, Sega Genesis). Despite having great-but-not-as-great-graphics-as-the-costs-more-than-the-3DO-did-PS3, it still maintains a level of pure awesomeness that can only be equaled by somehow getting beer to stay cold in a room temperature environment without any form of refrigeration devices. In comparison with other systems on the market, the Wii has done what no one saw coming; it pwned the the most recent in the playstation line of consoles, the PS3! Compared to the Xbox 360, the two are both killing the costs-so-much-only-the-kids-of-sony-CEO's-can-afford-one-PS3, the two fairly equal in terms of overall rock! Due to this amount of rock and the overwhelming amount of Downs syndrome sufferers running Walmart, the Wii is in short supply.
Guy (to friend): Hey, I just bought a Wii!
Friend stares in utter disbelief: Holy hand basket of awesome! How? The last one was sold at Walmart months ago!
Guy (smiling): A friend of mine sold his because his parents turned Amish and I outbid a Fat Kid for it!
Friend: A fat Kid? He probably needed it more than you, the exercise and all!
Guy: I know! Maybe he'll die!

Guy: This Wii is so awesome!
Son-of-sony-CEO arrives in porsche: HAHAHAHA!! I have a PS3 and you don't, you filthy commoner! HAHAHAHA!!
Guy(eyes glowing): Wii know where you live.
PS3Fag: *dying* But I'm too affluent to die! *death rattle*
by HardAsFuck July 29, 2008
Formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution, the next video game system (after the Gamecube)from Nintendo. The name change was a suprize but the new controller which look like a remote but with a lot more control. The Wii will fight for a spot in the next generation battle agianst Microsoft's allready released Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3.
Nintendo's new system is the Wii.
by Jack Sullivan April 27, 2006
The new name for the Nintendo Revolution console. Pronounced 'We'.
My buddies and I are going to bust out the Wii tonight. We'll be playing that thing until our arms go numb from swinging them around.
by RA White April 27, 2006
The worst game console in history. Complete with a mixture of bad graphics and a fan base full of whiny little kids who like to swing there arms around like they have down syndrome.
Xbox: I'm gonna play some xbox.

Wii: Xbox is stupid im gonna play the wii!

Xbox: What the game with terrible graphics and gameplay?
Wii: Noooooo! I'm gonna tell on you.

Xbox: Go swing your arms around like a retard and play the

wii stupid little kid.
by Johnson Legit February 19, 2011
a game between two people trying to cause arousal
i want some, let's play the wii
by InsaneOverdrive December 26, 2009
The Wii is great for people who enjoy older games such as Paper Mario and SMRPG. but for people who prefer better graphics, the 360 is okay.
bob: duuude I want a wii so I can play paper mario!!!!
fred: well I want a 360 so I can play call of duty!!!
by pluhguy February 05, 2009
a. The official name for Nintendo's new console. (previously known as the Nintendo Revolution)

b. A bizarre marketing decision.

c. The epitome of awesomeness. God's gift to the world.
The wii is going to be so wii, but why'd they call it wii, that sure was a wii thing to do. Oh well, the wii will still wii regardless of Nintendo's wii.
by zenjaphy May 04, 2006