The name for Nintendo's new videogame console. It's got a motion sensing remote control. Any movement you make, the same happens on screen. Play Tennis with Wii Sports, shoot-'em-ups with Metroid Prime 3, escape from disaster with Day of Disaster, smash things to pieces with H.A.M.M.E.R. (which has a guest appearence from M.C. Hammer), jump around with Mario Galaxy and play many more fresh, interesting, inviting games with the Nintendo Wii.
"Yo man, you gonna come play Wii Sports later round my yard?"

"Yes, bruv - knows it!"
by Reggie Fils-Aime May 26, 2006
Nintendo's new console, previously code-named the Revolution. Featuring free-hand motion sensitive controllers, Nintendo claim the console will 'revolutionise' the way people play games.
"Have you seen the new screenshots for Zelda on the Wii?"

by Tphi April 27, 2006
Gaming console that has killed what used to be, the glorius Nintendo company. A futile attempt to keep up with Microsofts Xbox 360, and Sony's PS3
Whats a wii?
by The Fro1 February 25, 2011
also know as the nintendo revolution, its gonna be the most kickass system out ever!
currently its beating ps3 at E3 as the most expected console
wii is soo kickass! i think that it will blow the ps3 away!
by angusBEEF May 07, 2006
A game console with lame last generation graphics. The sistem sells like crazy because of its casual games, innovative controller and some first party games.

This console has little third party support that´s why it sucks compared to the competition.
Nintendo fan: When is MVC3 coming to the nintendo Wii?

Capcom: mm... never

Nintendo fan: How about Resident Evil 5?

Capcom: Nope

Nintendo Fan: Devil Ma...

Capcom: Kid Just Buy a real new generation console already
by None the ritcher March 09, 2011
The 21st Century solution to child obesity.
Parent: "My kid never goes out to play"
Teacher: "Get him a Wii"
by Gazzard November 13, 2009
Nintendo's next-genration console, formerly known by the codename "Revolution."

I'm looking forward to playing Nintendo's revolutionary system, the Wii.
by billeh April 28, 2006

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