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An awesome gaming system that everyone you know says it sucks; but it totally pwns everything else.
Me: Hey man, I got the Wii.
Randumb: d00d, that's retarded.
Me: *smacks the crap out of him*
by schwagames March 08, 2008
Kids amusement toy lasting about 2 weeks of joy max
also not helping cleanse the earth of obesity
kid 1: wanna play wii?
kid 2: ROFL lets go outside and play instead
kid 1: no I like wii
kid 2: ROFLMAO try saying that when your 22 stone and not going to school due to obesity!

5 years later:
kid 1: I mumble.. li..e ..th mumble wi..mumble
by Carl Ward May 12, 2008
Pronounced: “Wee”

The name of Nintendo’s next Generation console that was originally code-named: Revolution.

Countless long time Nintendo fans are debating over the originality of the name and if Revolution should have been the real name.

Wii is supposed to mean “We” as in “We play together”. Reason why it’s written this way is because in Japanese, the letter “i” is pronounced like an “e” (while an “e” is pronounced like the sound “hey”).

The two “i” in Wii also represent the controllers that will be used for the game console.

This console will be the first console to go down in history by not having a name with real words:
"Wii" is not a word or an acronym like the names of these systems:

Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Family Computer / Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo 64
GameBoy Color
Nintendo Developer System / Dual Screen
GameBoy Advance

Mark III / Master System
Mega Drive / Genesis

X BOX 360

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable

PC-engine / Turbo Graphics 16
by the_importer April 28, 2006
The next generation system that pwns the PS3 and 360.
The word itself can be used for many other things too.
Because the PS3 costs too much and the glitch it has stinks, I'm getting a Nintendo Wii.

I need to go Wii-Wii.

Wii will rock you.


Person A: Are they still making the Revolution?
Person B: It's called the Wii now.
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
Formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution, the Wii will be Nintendo's fifth entry to the console marketplace. Nintendo revealed the new name on April 27th, 2006, and experienced a huge internet backlash.

Nintendo has insisted as of yet that the Wii, which is pronounced "we," will in fact be the universal name of the system. It will launch in November 2006.
Angry Nintendo Fans: "OMG we want teh revolution not teh Wii!"

Iwata: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet."
by Creasy pH Level April 30, 2006
Wii refers to the newest video game console from Nintendo. The Wii used to be called the Nintendo Revolution. Many jokes have arisen based on the name.

Pronounced "Wii."
Nintendo Wii is going to be awesome!

My girlfriend and I have been playing games with my Wii for hours!

The Wii is amazing!

My girlfriend's good at playing games, but when it comes to playing with my Wii, I always win.
by Skititlez May 04, 2006
1:A recent nintendo game consol manufactured to saticify a kids need for gameing.
2:A silly way to say Penis.Wii, or Wii-Wii
Billy" Hey, Mary. I got the Wii for my birthday yesterday, want to play two player?"
Mary" Oh, I'd love to, can i bring some friends?"
Billy" The more the maryier" :D
by hecklar July 17, 2008