XBox 360's little white bitch
The wii is inferior to the 360.
by Nikolai Nikitin August 09, 2007
Nintendo's newest console that offers the motion sensing feature at home. I can't possibly see how people think this owns PS3 when first off they are nothing alike, and second off Wii is outnumbered on every spec by the 360 and PS3 and all it offers is motion sensor which will get boring eventually anyways.
P1: Dude can I play with your Wii?
P2: No, I don't roll that way.
P1: I mean the Nintendo shit system you have.
P2: Oh sure, right after I put the vibrating controller out of my ass
P1: Ok remind me not to use that controller...
P2: I only have one, the other one flew out of my hand and broke my TV
P1: So how would we play your Wii?
P2: Smoke weed until it's fun.
by LibidinKyle January 31, 2007
The official name of the next generation console for Nintendo. The console was named Nintendo Revolution, but was changed for multiple reasons.
"I think I will buy the PlayStation 3.. Nintendo Wii looks kinda weird."
by Blorp April 27, 2006
Nintendo's video game console known as Wii (pronounced "we") is one of three systems (others include Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360) released into the seventh generation era of gaming consoles.

Wii is solely distinguished by it's motion sensitivity and unique controller, Wii Remote, that took the shape of a television remote. Nintendo markets these features as the true path of revolutionizing video games although they have yet to deliver a game that effectively uses Wii's unique controls. The addition of motion-sensitivity has already been linked to worsening many released games.
i.e. wii.ign.com/articles/748/748762p1.html

Due to Nintendo's investment into the Wii Remote and its motion-sensitivity, they have also gambled with Wii's fate. A video game consoles features can only go so far with first-party (Nintendo) support, which will inevitably happen. The real question is whether third-party (non-Nintendo) publishers will risk developing games specifically for the Wii and not other systems in order to ensure the Wii Remote operates positively. Convincing third-party publishers not to maximize profits by developing a multi-platform game but rather only around the Wii and it's motion-sensitivity is Nintendo's true obstacle. By no means will this necessarily work out for the better of Wii. If this does not happen, Nintendo's investment for the Wii will 180 into a featureless system since they have sacrificed system power for a cheaper system packaged with "different controls".

Please note that Nintendo has attempted and failed here in years past. R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy), Power Glove, Super Scope 6 and the Virtual Boy were all flops with the same selling points as the Wii and its Television Remote.

One immediate disadvantage for the Nintendo Wii is its video game line up. As of this definition posting there are a very small amount of games lined up for release on Wii. Of this small amount half are "virtual console" games. Virtual Console games are old 8 and 16 bit era games you can download to your Wii for the same price you can go to Goodwill and pick up an old console and box of cartridges. This is if you don't already own the cartridges or the entire 8 & 16 bit era of video games downloaded for free via roms and emulators.

In most recent news lawsuits over physical damage to property and users of Wii have exploded all over North America within weeks of the systems launch. Even a lawsuit over the controllers design has sprung up. It may prove Nintendo focused too much time into marketing that they couldn't even realize how easy it is to be sued in the United States.

Nintendo continues to appeal to young children and those that once were young NES/SNES gamers that grew up but missed out on developing necessary adult skills.
i.e. www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVRbQMhLJaY
Thinking in short term you may want the Wii after seeing its price tag. $250 may be misleading and in long term ultimately a waste. An investment elsewhere is advisable.
by BillyShears December 20, 2006
Wii=total bullshit, the system sells fast cuz its cheap as shit, doesnt rise to the supremecy of PS3
wii kicks ps3's ass
this is a statement from a myspace whore
by ulto bane June 16, 2007
W·ii· ( P ) Pronunciation Key (w-i)
intr.v. w·ii·ed, w·ii·ing, w·ii·s

To excrete urine in the form of a gaming console.
Billy could not wait to get home and start Wiiing
by Skape April 27, 2006
The best console ever to be known to man kind. Sony and microsoft fanboys know the Wii owns them but they are in denial. Sony fucktards think the Wii is 'kiddy' but in reality ages 6-80 play on it so fuck you sony fanboys.
Sony asshole fanboy: THE PS3 IS THE BEST COS OF BLURAY!
Wii pimp!1!: Im afraid the PS3 sucks
Sony asshole fanboy: SHUT UP THE WII IS UM............KIDDY
by fesfe February 25, 2007

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