Wii as in, why the hell would nintendo make a kick ass game system and a majority of shitty games?
Or Wii as in "mom ima goin to play with my Wii" to which is replied "wash your hands before dinner!"
Or "Hey Dave you wanna play with my Wii?" to which is replied with "A large beating with a pipe wrench"
Or To which your girlfriend asks " you wanna play with my Wii?" responded with " you dumping your girl for being mistaken as a transexual".
In other words a system that causes infinite trouble.
You walk to a girl in a crowded street and you say "you wanna play with my Wii?
So your in jail and you ask a man " You wanna play with my Wii?
Your having trouble sitting down, your released from jail.
Your outside and you ask a little girl " you wanna play with my Wii?"
So your in court and you ask the judge " You wanna play with my Wii?"
Your on Deathrow, you decided you shouldn't have gotten Wii cause no one wants to play with you.
by Stonehands December 07, 2006
The funniest name ever green-lighted for a video game console.
Sorry I am so out of it today, I stayed up all night playing with my "wii".
by S. MiyamoWIIIIII!!! April 27, 2006
A female that is very attractive
"DAMN, look at that girl. She is so wii"
by RossTheeBoss August 31, 2008
The 5th generation of Nintendo's video game consoles. Also, it is a total chick magnet. If you are going to have a small party with friends and you have some girls over, bust out the wii. Its easy to use controls and ability to make people interact is great entertainment.
Guy1: I have no ideas on how to entertain the girls. what should i do?

Guy2: bust out the wii!
by serjsoadfan January 04, 2008
The 4th generation Nintendo system (pronounced "we"). Some people hate the new name and preferred the test name Nintendo Revolution.
a) So, do you like the Wii?

b) What the fuck is a Wii?

a) The new Nintendo system.

b) Oh, you mean the Revolution?
by diggle April 29, 2006
The best game console ever...... with the worst name ever.
I'm gonna go home and play with my wii all night long!
by I swear to Drunk, I'm not God! December 23, 2006
Nintedo's fifth generation into the console wars, formerly known only by the code name, and superior name all around, Revolution, Nintendo has recently announced it's name as Wii, pronounced as "we" it simbolizes the point Nintendo has been trying to get across that this console will be for everyone, from kids to the elderly, and aparently the homosexual.
Nintendo of America has also gone on record saying that the console name will not be changed, or any different when sent over seas.

Many people have mixed reactions from this... interesting new name, many spawning lame and immature jokes, whether they're true or not, and while it may not be good publicity, it's still publicity.

Seriously...Wii. I shit you not.
"Hey man, did hear they changed the Rev's name to Wii?"
"No way man, that's "wiik" LAWL"

"Hey dude wanna come to my place and play it up with my wii?"
"Come one, it got great game play and pretty decent graphics, my wii's the best"
"No thanks."
by Secret Saiyan FTW April 28, 2006
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