Not only is the noun that is being referred to totally wack , but it is a wack that is so horrible that you need to add the wiggity infront of the wack. It is has approximately ten times the potentcy of regular type wack. Only to be used in cases where a person is exhibiting extreme stupidity, bitchiness, whining, etc.
"Bill you are acting like you are five years old. I didn't ever think I'd have to say this to anyone...but you are acting completely wiggity wack right now."
by something good February 10, 2005
Top Definition
Not regular type.
Cheerleader: You're so wack.

So and So: Wiggity wack?

Cheerleader: No, just regular type.
by h*r fan March 03, 2004
a higher caliber of the word 'wack', which means to not be normal.
Jane: "Yo, girl, his wang was weird lookin'."
Nancy: "It was wack, like Maria said?"
Jane: "O hell no! Dat shit was worse! It was wiggity wack!"
by Alyssa Stafford August 18, 2004
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