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Not regular type.
"Yall are so wack!"
"Nope, just regular type."
by Tom November 27, 2003
80 13
1.Wacker than the regular type.
2. Not describing What's her face.
"Y'all are so wack."
"Wiggidy wack?"
"No, just regular type"
by Brooke July 09, 2004
77 20
something weird generaly an awkward movement or abstract object
if yo be skatin up in the stoon west side its a pretty wiggidywack hood with some wiggidywack gaps and tyler friesen is a pretty wiggidywack guy along with steven emde
by semde May 20, 2009
0 8
Crazy to a point that it is funny.
My friend just saw a piece of tape on the ceiling and thought it wasn't tape. She's wiggity-wack.
by Kevin February 12, 2004
22 32
wacker than the regular kind
that's wack. wiggidy wack? no, the regular kind.
by nathew February 27, 2004
9 28