A white kid who thinks hes black.

"Nick Abplanalp is a wigger"
by josif March 08, 2006
A white boy from the suburbs who attempts to act black. They should actually be more feared than actual inner city youth, because they will try to prove that they are not from the suburbs, and try (especially in the company of blacks, or especially in the Caucasian posses) to show that they are indeed hard, and will go to extremes to prove this.
John and Patrick were walking to the grocery store in sunny, suburban New Jersey when they saw a group of wiggers. The wiggers saw an African American thug from Newark, and tried to impress him, attacking and flailing on John, even though John was a bodybuilder and repressed them entirely.
by tenda May 29, 2005
A painfully white person who wishes to be down with the brown.
Wigger: Sup nigga?

Black Dude: Imma fuck you up white boy!
by t3hsux0r November 21, 2003
Eminem's a real wigger
by Eminem's pal June 16, 2009
A wigger is an annoying piece of shit who thinks he is black, and tries to act "Cool," Yet has his pathetic ass kicked by Whites and blacks alike. Also a steryotypical bastard who think all blacks listen to rap and talk in that weir,d fucked up way
Wigger: yo yo yo, what;s craackin Mah home dawg? why you be dissn' Emeniem? or Fiddy cennt

Normal white guy: ...Shut the fuck up, shit head -beats the fuck out of him-

Ex #2

Wigger: Yo yo , whaddup, homie G? you hear dat new shit?

Black guy:..... -beats the shit outta him-
by darksider_31 February 07, 2009
An old American political party. It died away in the late 1800s, and was replaced by the Republican Party.
Student: Was Bill Clinton a Wigger?
Teacher: No, he was a Democrat.
by Luther Willhoutte February 23, 2008
fucking douchebag, stinky ass, stoner-drunk, loser gay fags who often suck each others tiny penises, usually suck complete ass at basketball. try to be cool, but are only gay. can't fight worth shit unless the whole "crew" is there, then they'll talk shit all day long, but when your friends showup, they're complete pussies. super fags. white people trying to be black.
joe rodrigues is a wigger(frodo with hair grown out), joe peltier is a wigger(tiny ass shit talker, who stinks. also pisses and moans when he doesn't get XXXL shirts only XLtrue story because XL isn't gangster enough and he likes to make it look like hes wearing a dress, which he might as well because hes so faggish he could just be a woman), kyle varner is a wigger(fuck him, right in the ass with his own bling. also has sex with fat older chickstrue story), shawn jacques is a wigger(parnel. tall, lanky ass mofo that things petty crime makes him cool), justin sarmento is a wigger(obsessed stalker who can't leave rachel alone, even though he cheated on her and lied about it then had gay butt sex with the other 4 in here and still tries to get rachel back even though she doesn't like him at all because hes a complete scumbag loser who tries too hard to be black. then when he feels sad he gets high and drunk with the other 4 and continue their rigorous butt plunging. ),
by wiggers are faggots July 12, 2006

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