Commonly believed to be a white man trying to be black when in fact it is any person of any race trying to act black.
Wigger means Wannabe Nigger not White nigger dumbshits.
by Being sober is for the weak. February 23, 2007
A white person who pretends or believes himself to be black.
That wigger's trying to figure it out!
by mean mark October 08, 2006
A white suburban kid who thinks he's the blackest of black even though he's white. He wears tons of gold chains and fur jackets plus baggy pants. They also wear hats pointing 90 degrees to the left. They also like to pick on people who are not wiggers. Their main target is emo kids; who actually know their identity. Other targets include rockers, punks, goths, and "mosha pussys".
Wiggers are the stupidest of the stupid.
by Chelsea Elsendor August 24, 2005
a white person who tries to be a nigger
came from america
yo, man you are such a wigger
by courteney March 13, 2005
a white person who thinks they are a nigger which there not. They enjoy listen to nigger music and they wear nigger atire. They totaly deni that there white. They walk talk and act like a black person.
im gunna kill that wigger

wiggers suck ass

what the fuck is that wigger doing
by a white man January 29, 2005
A wona be gangster/gangsters, usualy a white person does this and looks like an idiot
man you such a wigger
look at those sorry ass wiggers
by Dathan March 09, 2007
A word that people have made up to attempt to insult somebody who likes the style of what is considered to belong to the black culture. People need to just learn to accept people for who they are, get a life, and stop attempting to insult people for who they are and what they enjoy.
"I am going to waste my time making up an insulting word to offend something somebody enjoys or believes in. Ohh, I've seen white people look like black people from the way they dress, I guess I could make fun of them by calling them a wigger, omg I have no fucking life."
by A "wigger" August 08, 2006

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