A white person that tries to act black and "original", but in turn acts like everyone else.

Just because a white person likes the hip-hop culture does not mean that he/she is a wigger, however. There are many white people with their own sense of style and just because they listen to hip-hop and wear certain brands, they are criticized by ignorant pieces of shit.

For Example:

a white person wearing hip-hop style clothing because he/she likes it IS CRITICIZED.

a minority wearing the clothes that only whites generally wear ISN'T CRITICIZED.

why is that? because some of you ignorant white motherfuckers (that call people "wigger" when you dont even know what it is) dont want any problems or to be called "racist".
So called "Wigger": Hey what's good?
Ignorant Motherfucker: WIGGER! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!
So called "Wigger" knocks the guy out, because that's what he deserves. Disrespect brings disrespect. An actual "wigger" wouldn't have done that. He would have been SCARED because, what if the guy was tougher than him?

by King BD March 26, 2007
someone who tries to bang like he from the ghetto...someone who tries to emulate african-american life....probably one of those white boys who "banged" to NWA and 2pac on their rich discmans....

also refers to that faggot John Cena
WhiteGuy:Whassup mah buvva??
BlackGuy:You crazy man, or u just another wigger?
WhiteGuy:Shut up,mah buvva!!
by CuttingEdge September 22, 2006
Very much like a chav, these annoying beings try to copy the acts of similarly annoying black ghetto teens. Like chavs they seem to have their own language and go round in gangs terrorising little kids and the elderly.
- Yo fi ji lala spliff ghetto thug life
- izit blad?
- init ma brav
- yooooooo dont get rude
- iz it cuz i iz black?
- homie you ent black
- racist niga
by bigblackboy August 03, 2005
A white person who wishes to be black.
Q the biggest wigger in the world.
by G-Dog(GdG) June 01, 2005
White nigger. Pathetic Caucasian who possesses a self-loathing need to adhere to inner-city negro culture. See Eminem.
Dat Eminem cracka is some sorta wigger!
by Werewolf October 06, 2004
Occasionally a male caucasion, usually born and raised in the suburbs that displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style, that is to say, imitate niggers. But they are usually half breeds that could be Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Peruvian and any other cross-bread shit that roams trough America.
A wigger is a despicable entity, an unrooted piece of shit that swarms around big cities like New York or Los Angeles. Their abject crime is even worse than to be a simple nigger. Who, in God's name, could possibly want to be a nigger! They are not whites for conviction; they are not niggers. Actually, niggers use to beat the crap out of them.
by Captain Word June 23, 2009
Usually a word used for someone who might have a hip hop style of life that isn't black. Now days, technology has opened the doors for anyone to be fashionable in THEIR own way. People need to let others wear or talk the way they want to; who are they to judge anyone? Everybody is different, but everybody doesn't understand that or doesn't want to because he/she isn't comfortable in their own skin.
That guy has diamond earrings, so he must be a wigger.

Only blacks and wiggers listen to rap.

by Why are people full of hate December 09, 2007

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