a wannabe nigga a person who dresses, talks and walks like a black guy see Kyle or cracker
yo check out dat wigga on da sidewlak, lets jump his cracker ass
by bob bobby bobbinson March 17, 2004
That white person who belives they're a nigger
David: you know that guy Dan who keeps stealing things
Fred: yeah he's such a nigger
David: nah he's white so he must be a wigger
by Mrwigger February 05, 2015
A white person who enjoys listening to Dubstep and is attempting to be black at the same time.
Look at this wigger listening to his Dubstep.
Why do all these wiggers have to be blaring their dubstep?
Hey, did you here about that wigger that got to blazed and listened to dubstep all night?
I'm a proud wigger! No I'm not trying to be black, I'm just listening to some Dubstep.
by Rob Bwell July 28, 2011
A methamphetamine (speed) addict. they can be picked out by there twitching and jittery behavior which can be reffered to wigging or wigging out. They also have scars and sores on their faces from picking at ther face while high. They often steal your stuff to support there habbits.
That wigger just ran off with my car!!!! He's wigging out.
THey are going out to wig.
by Wiggerhatin July 11, 2010
Often unnemployed white males who lack the social confidence to form their own identity so instead emulate a stereotypical and some might say "racist" interpretation of "Black-African-American Hip Hop culture."
"Their goes that wigger, trying to be black again"
by seth_ikrass May 23, 2010
1. A white person from any country in Africa. A W(hite)(N)igger.

2. A White person trying to be black. A W(anna-be)(N)igger.

Do not get the two confused.
1. Have you met that Caitlin chick? Shes from Zimbabwe, but she's white. She's a wigger.

2. Don't be a wigger, you cant pull it off.
by Opheliac Deceased May 15, 2010
a cracker tryin' to act all black and what not
Wigger: Yo girl ima be at the crib all lonesome and what not wanna hook up?

Black Girl: Boy you whiter then that cracka's ass. Why would i want you all up and over me.
by Kster assmaximas May 14, 2010

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