Often unnemployed white males who lack the social confidence to form their own identity so instead emulate a stereotypical and some might say "racist" interpretation of "Black-African-American Hip Hop culture."
"Their goes that wigger, trying to be black again"
by seth_ikrass May 23, 2010
1. A white person from any country in Africa. A W(hite)(N)igger.

2. A White person trying to be black. A W(anna-be)(N)igger.

Do not get the two confused.
1. Have you met that Caitlin chick? Shes from Zimbabwe, but she's white. She's a wigger.

2. Don't be a wigger, you cant pull it off.
by Opheliac Deceased May 15, 2010
a cracker tryin' to act all black and what not
Wigger: Yo girl ima be at the crib all lonesome and what not wanna hook up?

Black Girl: Boy you whiter then that cracka's ass. Why would i want you all up and over me.
by Kster assmaximas May 14, 2010
Not to be confused with Whigger- a drunk person who sells wigs door to door as a profession.
Eminem is the ultimate wigger.
by sneakheads February 03, 2010
White teenager that is most likely rich and lives in the suburbs. Wiggers pretend they live in the ghetto and tell their peers that they do. Will claim to be poor yet own $100-$600 limited edition hip hop clothes (that are 3 sizes too big) and will claim to be the best fighters around. Wiggers hang out in packs and call anyone not in their group fags or pussies. Often talk about how rough their life was when they lived in the closest possible remotely bad area to where they currently reside or the ghetto or housing projects even if they never lived there. Wiggers will call their fellow wigger friends "nigger" or "nigga." Each one usually has about 13 girls after them, most hoping to be their girlfriend. Claim to deal drugs and be a " Hustla " They often clash with other rival wigger groups. Besides conflicting with rival wiggers they fight with the emos, punks, skater, goths, jocks, scene kids, nerds, chavs, preppies, and any other types of cliques nearby. Their girlfriend(s) will usually be slutty and/or disloyal. Wiggers can be found in malls, downtown areas, your local upper middle to upper class neighborhoods, at skate parks starting trouble with skaters and "punks", and at your local middle school and high school.
Wigger Conversation

Wigger 1: Yo nigga what up, when you headin downtown?
Wigger 2: 9 A.M. what bout you homie?
Wigger 1: Same time dawg, after I bang my girl and play some b-ball with my cuz ( cousin. ) By the way he's black!
Wigger 2: Yo that's dope. Aight I'll see you down by the projects nigga we gon kick them playa hata's asses.
Wigger 1: Fo Sho

( Wiggers give eachother a soul shake and walk away with overdone swagger )
by NYC SPRITE September 13, 2009
An Ignorant white male who believes he is African American and listens to only what he hears on the popular (And always fake) rap or hip hop radio stations. Usually, he has a puffy fur trimmed coat, plastic "bling", mega baggy $780 pants that he sags and holds up with his left hand, and a blonde afro/ buzz cut. He, on a daily basis, classifies anyone that has tight pants emo.
wigger: "yO, aInt DeM titE pEantZ sKwEezIn yO dIk?"

Skater/Punk Rocker: "Actually, there is this new invention called "spandex". They put it in jeans to make them stretch."

Wigger: "yO, sUn, DaS wAk. U eOm."

Skater/Punk Rocker: *shakes head and laughs*
by Jake Virus September 07, 2008
Rough crowd

Whites that think they're black...worst thing ever happened to humanity.
Josh: Woa, look, David's turned into a wigger.
Jeff: Yeah, and his crotch still doesnt grow from it...
Josh: Yeh...
by Frostie_Bandit! July 10, 2008

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