white people who want to be cool so bad, that they will pretend that they are black, and listen to rap music out of their car stereo full blast and talk street-you know saying what up homey? or what up g?

Not to be confused with the N-word which, unlike wigger, is not an acceptable dis or insult
Eminem is a wigger.

75% of the pop. at strathcona highscool are wiggers.
by Nimajneb Yeldarb June 20, 2007
1.someone who is white that just so happened to be raised in a low class neighborhood that is mainly of african descent that was raised around gangs and violence so he acts that way not because he thinks its cool but because it is what he knows

2.a white that was born and raised in the suburbs and has a multimillion dollar house that has never had a struggle in their life so just plays grand theft auto and thinks its cool because other races live it and is curious about it
why do people barely ever call white suburban girls like fergie wiggers

by abcdefwxyz April 23, 2007
A young Caucasian male that typically has no sense of self-worth or self identity. One that thinks that being ghetto and hard or ignorant is cool. Not realizing that they are not actually being black but simply contributing to the lower standards of a typical poor or uneducated African American.

A Wigger is usually too stupid to know the difference between being black and being a nigga. Yet assumes that if they act out a certain type of image that will equate them to being "black". Wiggers are some of the dumbest subjects of all society.
A Wigger would have a grill.

Typical among ignorant Wiggers would be to Pimp-Out a cheap or crappy car.

Wiggers usually walk as if their leg or knee has a problem.

Wiggers are proud that they speak as if they haven't finished at least the 5th grade English level.

You might see a Wigger wearing Corn-Rolls

Wiggers usually like to have mean/angry faces as if they want to cause everyone around them pain.
by Firstblackman February 27, 2007
a white person that is trying to be a black one. There are two types, one of which is a suburban wigger who listens to rap and thinks he or she is black. They will blast rap out of their dirty 1998 honda civics thinking they are cool. The other is a white person who is actually from the hood.
Wannabe Nigger: Jim is from the suburbs of Chicago, and listens to all the rap he can get his hands on. He acts and talks like a gangster, but has never seen a real ghetto or a gangster in his life. A wigger

White Nigger: Tim is from the projects of Brooklyn. The culture there has rubbed off on him, so he dresses and acts black. This doesn't make him a wannabe though because he is an actual gangster. A wigger
by iceman857 November 09, 2006
a person who talks like they live in the hood, goes to a hip hop store and spends all his money on anything he thinks will make himself look TOUGH, ATTTRACT GIRLS, get status and credibility throgh their fake poser qualities.
a wigger can be white or black or asian and they tend to be the guys who think they need an expencive wardrobe jus to look cool when in real life they are buying 20 for 10 cent wannabe pdiddy shades that break the next day and SUCKER THEIR MONEY AWAY TO LITTLE THINGS THAT ARE A WASTE OF THEIR MONEY and SPIT OUT LINEZ they hear OTHERS SAY they think are SO COOL when they are not like BASHING POLICE, MAKING GANGSTA TALK WHEN THEY AINT NEVA HANDLED A GUN, TALKING ABOUT THEIR NONEXISTENT GAME and posing like they are copying a PERFORMER NOT A PERSON IN THEIR REAL LIFE by using his lines and playing them out
yo check out those bitch ass white boys look like a bunch of wiggerz
by deandrew October 12, 2006
White + Nigger = Wigger.

White kid who acts and has the illusion of being black.
Wigger: yo ma nucka lets go find some booty to smash
by alaskangal August 13, 2006
A wigger is a white person who tries to imitate the stereotypical black way of life. Such as dressing in baggy clothes, portraying a thug, wearing bling, and using poor English or ebonics. It disrespects the people of the African American race by calling us Niggers and then saying that all of our people act like hoodlums.
Wigger is a derogotory word for someone who imitates the stereotypical culture of those of the African American descent.
by Black and Proud March 24, 2006

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